Why marijuana is still illegal


Think you know why Cannabis has not been repealed? The number one reason (IMO) why marijuana is still against the law in America. There are many reasons why Marijuana remains a Schedule One “drug” in the eyes of our Federal Government. The classification of a Schedule One drug means; “There[...]

Changing Attitudes: Countries Legalizing, Decriminalizing, Prescribing Marijuana


Attitudes regarding marijuana have shifted in a dramatic way over the past 10 years, with more countries moving to either legalize the plant, decriminalize the possession of a small amount of cannabis, or legalizing it for medicinal purposes. Other countries rarely enforce their laws that criminalize the plant, making it[...]

Morocco Looks for Answers in Legalization of Marijuana

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Moroccan officials are taking moves that might make their country the second one to legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana. Following Uruguay’s lead, Moroccan legislators heard testimony from officials who discussed the medicinal benefits of cannabis treatments and the economic impact of legalizing cultivation of the plant in Morocco.[...]

Uruguay Sets a Global Precedent with Marijuana Legalization


While many Western governments have moved in recent years to at least decriminalize marijuana or permit it to be used for medicinal purposes, Uruguay recently took a bold and unprecedented step: The country’s legislature passed sweeping legislation to legalize marijuana and regulate both the cultivation and sale of the plant.[...]

Uruguay Officially Embraces a Regulated Marijuana Market


within the country with no repercussions. The consensus of the politicians who pushed for this change was that legalising cannabis would help to diminish drug cartels and cease the violence associated with drug trafficking. Groups of people who supported the law gathered around to celebrate Uruguay’s “cultivation of freedom.” December[...]

The Political Arrest of Marc Emery: Marijuana Activist

Marc Emery is a Canadian businessman and pot advocate has been considered the most famous retailer for marijuana seeds. He was also the biggest financial supporter for the pro-pot movement around the world. In 2005, the US Drug Enforcement Agency arrested him in Canada and shut down his operations. Marc is serving[...]

Marijuana Legalization Leaves Questions Unanswered


Health Canada is looking to create a medical marijuana market, much to the upset of many users. In Washington state, the Liquor Control Board approved the rules for legal marijuana and is now accepting applications for producing and possessing retail licenses. Right now, there is no place in the country to[...]

Authorization Of Cannabis


The medical marijuana regime in Canada is changing as of March 31, 2014 to encourage more private-sector growers. Throughout the country, there are more than 37,000 medical marijuana users, approved by Health Canada. There are also 25,600 patients who have personal licenses to be able to grow marijuana for themselves.[...]

Is Hemp the Crop of the Future?


Hemp has been used for tens of thousands of years. It wasn’t until the 1920s and 1930s that hemp became banned in the United States. California has now legalized industrial hemp and hemp production may become legal on a federal level. Richard Dash, the owner of Dash Hemp in Santa Cruz, is[...]

Canadian’s Laws to End Homegrown Pot May Make the Drug Too Expensive to Buy

A lawsuit is being launched against Ottawa by John Conroy, a longtime marijuana crusader. The lawsuit is due to new laws being passed that, according to Conroy, infringe upon the rights of homegrowers and medical pot users. He and other lawyers are going through more than 3,000 victim impact statements to[...]